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Why Feels Like Home?

Because going abroad for studies is AMAZING!

We have created a RELOCATION PLATFORM, where you can organize EVERYTHING you need to study in Vienna / Bratislava

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it's not that easy, right?

So many questions and things to organize! Which university? Do I need a Visa? Where can I live, get a bank account and get a phone? Do I need an insurance? Where can I take a language course? So this is how we felt: lost, confused and freaked out!

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How will we help you?

We will guide you from the first thought of studying abroad until you have everything organized and can call Vienna/Bratislava your new home.

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Step 1

get informed

We provide you with all information you need to decide if you can / want to study in Vienna or Bratislava

This includes for instance:
Legal requirements, Universities, Financial Overview, Visa Information

Step 2


You have decided that you want to study in Vienna or Bratislava! GREAT
So let’s start to plan your stay in detail.

This includes for instance:
Getting your Visa, Insurance, Finding Housing/Accommodation, Visa Information

Step 3


WELCOME! You have finally arrived in Vienna /Bratislava.
Now let’s see what your first steps are and what you need to do

This includes for instance:
Prepaid Phone, Public Transportation, Registration, Sightseeing

Step 4


Now let’s build up your life!
Get everything to make Vienna / Bratislava your new home

This includes for instance:
Phone contract, Internet, Fitness, Furniture

Step 5


It’s time to become a real local
Find your way around and make new friends

This includes for instance:
Culture, Travels, Events & Parties, Sports


Then find out more about studying in...

Do you feel like home?

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